Double the Fun!

Can you hear us now? Good!

Since we first went on the air, we have heard from one person after another that the love the music, but they just can’t hear us. Well, we are pleased to announce that we have been able to join a partnership with another local broadcaster, FMX, to bring you a much bigger Oldies 101.5. Now, you can hear us all the way to the NC line on 107.7 FM as wel as our 101.5 frequency. While this is a blessing beyond measure for us, it leaves us with a dilemma. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t make “Oldies 101.5 & 107.7” sound good on a radio jingle. Hence our new and permanent name “Oldies Radio Kool-FM.” It’s exactly the same station, now with twice the signal coverage and a “Kool” new name. We hope you’ll like it. Once again, trust us, we didn’t mess with the music at all. Our “John & Heidi” and DJs are the same. Our meteorologist is still Tim Root and we are still a very proud affiliate for local news with FoxCarolina television. We hope you’ll enjoy the new larger broadcast coverage. In our top menu, click on “Coverage Maps” to get a clearer picture of where you can hear us. Thank you for listening!